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Location Manager

Huqqa Jamaica

Full time

Job Purpose:

The Location Manager plays a vital role in ensuring exceptional guest service and satisfaction. They are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the service location, ensuring that all staff members adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and customer care. The Location Manager will also be involved in training the attendants, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding service. One of the key responsibilities of the Location Manager is to implement and enforce sanitary practices in the hookah service and maintain a clean and hygienic environment. They will also ensure compliance with operational standards and monitor the quality of hookah preparation and service to guarantee consistent excellence. In addition to maintaining the service location’s image by upholding cleanliness standards and enforcing proper uniforms, the Location Manager will also oversee inventory management. This includes managing product waste, breakage, and ensuring optimal stock levels. The Location Manager is also responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for both employees and guests. They will develop and implement safety procedures to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Handling customer complaints and resolving any issues related to hookah quality or service is another important aspect of the Location Manager’s role. They will provide guidance and direction to employees on operational and procedural matters, ensuring that everyone is aligned with the company’s goals and standards. Furthermore, the Location Manager will play a key role in employee development. This includes setting performance expectations, providing ongoing feedback, and conducting regular performance reviews. They will also maintain an accurate staffing plan to ensure adequate coverage. Building positive relationships with all employees is crucial for fostering a cooperative and harmonious work environment. The Location Manager will work closely with attendants to promote employee morale, productivity, and efficiency. The Location Manager will also be responsible for maintaining a healthy client relationship with our service partners. The Location Manager may be required to perform additional duties as necessary or requested.

Work Schedule:

The work schedule for the Location Manager may vary and can include evenings, weekends, and holidays based on business needs.


To excel in this role, the Location Manager should possess the following skills:

– Strong inventory management skills

– Experience in training and developing employees

– Sales and catering knowledge – Proficiency in POS systems

– Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

– Fluent in English

If you are passionate about delivering exceptional service, ensuring guest satisfaction, and managing a dynamic team, then this role may be a perfect fit for you.  Apply now to join our team as a Location Manager!