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Hookah Outsourcing

Business solution for hotels, lounges, bars and restaurants

We strive to provide an unforgettable smoking experience. All organisation of your hookah business is on us.

Our Huqqa outsourcing services include providing modern design equipment, high-end accessories and personal servers who will ensure that your guests always get an unforgettable smoking experience.


We will provide sufficient number of well-groomed and presentable staff. All our staff have completed training on customer service excellence and upselling techniques. All operations cost including the payment of staff will be the responsibility of HuqqaJa

Why Outsource your Hookah Operations to Huqqa Jamaica ?

We know how to achieve superior results from our hookah operations and grow your hookah revenues.

We provide superior quality of the product with zero operational costs from your side. We will provide premium tobaccos and high-end hookah equipment and well-trained staff

Zero investment from your side – ‘plug and play’ hookahoperations from Day 1

Our Outsourcing Package



We will develop special co-branded uniform for all our staff, design is subject to approval by the client.


Hookah Equipment

We will provide modern, trendy and commercially accepted equipment.


Premium Tobaccos

We will provide and ensure availability at all times of all tobacco flavours as well as some unique mixes of tobacco prepared by our own mixologists.


Consumables and Supplies

We will provide all consumables (hookah hoses and environment friendly odour- free charcoal) and accessories (bowls, special coal carriers, coal burners, tongs, etc.)


Social Media Marketing

We will promote the venue on our social media pages and on our web-site (subject to approval by the Client)


Photo Sessions

We will engage a professional photographer to produce high-quality photos of our hookahs at your venue to be used for marketing purposes (social media and promotion)

Huqqa Jamaica

Promotional Hookah

We will provide free shishas for special marketing events at the venue (the maximum number of hookah per month is to be agreed with the client)

HuqqaJa to enhance your Hookah experience in a modern and luxurious style.

Hookah experience and bring Luxury and modernity to it.