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Huqqa Catering

Are you looking for hookahs for your party/event, hookah catering/service, or hookah business solutions?

We would be delighted to provide hookah services to you anywhere in Jamaica.

Our crew is well-versed in dealing with large and small events.

Our hookahs get clean & sanitize before any event to maintain the highest quality hygiene.

Provide hookah catering/service for your party/event anywhere in the Jamaica.

Classic Packages

$175 USD

(Kingston & St. Andrew Only)

$325 USD

(Kingston & St. Andrew Only)


(Kingston & St. Andrew Only)

Any Event being held after 12 A.M an additional charge will be applied.

**Events outside of Kingston and St. Andrew, additional operational charges will be applied*

Book Your Huqqa

You can customize your package based on your party

    We have most professional staff and wide collection of hookah flavors

    We promise you and your patrons a memorable huqqa experience that will feel like heaven