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About Us

Welcome to the World of Huqqa Jamaica

Where Arabic traditions meet Western Evolution

At Huqqa Jamaica, we are dedicated to providing a luxurious hookah experience anywhere on the island. Our extensive flavor collection, accessories, and skilled staff will create the perfect session for you at home, hotel, restaurant, or lounge.

Our Mission

We offer premium hookah catering, outsourcing, and rental services across Jamaica. Our hookah sommeliers create delightful mixes to suit diverse tastes, providing VIP offers, hand-crafted mixes, and cigar-based options. We strive to offer a seamless and unforgettable hookah experience.

Our Accomplishment

Founded in 2022, Huqqa Jamaica has become a renowned service provider in hookah catering and outsourcing. Our portfolio includes prominent hotels locally and internationally. In 2024, we introduced our own line of Shisha Flavors through our sister company Huqqa America, crafted by our team and loyal customers. As a subsidiary of The Huqqa Group Limited, also parent for Huqqa America, Huqqa Dubai, and Huqqa Saudi, we elevate the hookah experience with value-add services and innovations. We invest strategically in our partners' venues, using comprehensive digital marketing strategies and organizing events with influencers. We offer complete makeovers for hookah lounge areas, including hookah stations, premium devices, customized menus, furniture, and accessories to enhance the experience.

Our Team

We are the largest employer in Jamaica’s hookah service industry, with a strong team of experts. Our trained hookah sommeliers deliver premium offerings and have over two years of experience. We are a PEOPLE-oriented company, investing in the continuous education of our sommeliers to stay current in the industry. Our team ensures an outstanding customer experience, expanding the services provided by our partners. We are here to deliver the latest hookah products, accessories, and trends for an amazing hookah experience.

Huqqa Jamaica
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We are

A Perfect Blend of Sensational Hookahs, and Professional Staff to give you that feel of heaven.

Huqqa Jamaica was established in 2021. Our founders started with a very simple vision – offering high quality hookahs to our customers through Outsourcing and Catering services.

Since 2021, Huqqa Jamaica has been serving both small and large events across the island. But, our story began much earlier. Having more than 10 years combined experience in the restaurant and hookah industry, our founders worked in all aspects of the hookah business from making and serving hookahs to managing hookah lounges and everything in between. With a deep understanding that providing exceptional service is the way to the success for any event, the founders with that key ingredient in mind created their own hookah outsourcing and catering business.

Our company share the vision for supreme service. All of our staff have big experience, high skills in shisha mixology and passion for the art of hookah. Our staff love what they do and they do it really well. Taste the professionalism in every Huqqa.

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